Ludkovsky Dennis. Statement to the General Director.


On the last day of vacation, in the morning, at about 11 o’clock, I arrived at the office of my lawyer, to print and to broach statement an enquiry to the General Director of the company Svyaznoy Dennis Ludkovski.

Almost all of the documents that I wanted to convey, were presented in the electronic form, with the exception of one notarized document from which only tow sheets were intended for Dennis Ludkovsky. In the enquiry I included:

1. The enquiry it self.

2. Copies of two employment contracts (with identical numbers, but different amounts).

3. The first and the last sheet of notarially certified internal correspondence.

4. Printed from Word correspondence between me and the head of the Department ORIS of the company Svyaznoy Valeria Molokanova.

5. Copies of the settlement sheet of 1C (accounting software), in which one can see how, after signing employment contract retrospectively money to compensate for the difference was deducted from my wages.

I made two copies of the enquiry and with the excitement went to Dennis Ludkovsky in the office of the company Svyaznoy to the Leninskaya Sloboda.

The Secretaries, through which you can send documents to Dennis, are located on the sixth floor, in fact, as well as Ludkovsky. But I learned about this not at once, but only after a visit to the Secretariat on the fifth floor.

On the sixth floor the Secretariat also consists of a table and girls - the secretaries of the company's senior management the Svyaznoy. The Dennis Ludkovsky has his Secretary personal. She sits down the corridor, behind the General Secretariat.

I walked over to the Secretary of Dennis and exchanged greetings with her.

- I want to send a statement to Dennis Ludkovsky. I have two copies, You can bet make a mark on the second copy that my statement has been accepted?

- Who are You? - the girl was noticeably amazed.

- The employee of the company Svyaznoy. The programmer of the Department of information systems development.

After these words the Secretary breathed a sigh of relief and with undisguised curiosity began to read my statement. Having read somewhat half the cover page of the document, the employee has changed significantly in the face. Her whole appearance was imbued with such amazement, as if she the nobleman's girl from the eighteenth century, and just now was she was shown the penis, with the description how it can be used.

I felt uncomfortable.

- Dennis is spelled with two "n". It was earlier, when he was not a U.S. citizen, his name was written with one letter "n". I can't accept the statement with not properly written name. You need to fixit.

- Okay, - I agreed. – willthere arise problems do put a sign of acceptance on my statement?

- No. I will make You a signature and seal.

At this point I left.

After some time again I went to the office of my lawyer. Made the change in the name of the General Director, opened the modified sheets, made two copies of application and drove to the Secretary Dennis Ludkovsky.

The path led through the grey with asphalt and people autumn Masterkova street, right under the bare trees, past the cafe, up to the traffic lights and left. Leninskaya Sloboda. Right past the yellow the building, past the poplars growing on the left, across the road, that is the corner of the office building, a few steps further up the marble stairs to the door of the office building. The house 19. The Elevator went up to the third floor, walked down the corridor past 12 of the Cabinet of the Department of development of information systems without meeting any of my colleagues and not answering questions about what I was doing at work during the holidays. I went into the Elevator, going to the 6th floor. Secretary of Dennis Ludkovsky was absent.

I asked the other two girls about the Secretary of Ludkovsky Dennis. And I know that she would come back after about forty minutes, and if I want to leave a message, I can wait for her return or leave the paper on the table. I can pick up your copy of the statement with the stamp of acceptance later, as the Secretary has other business, and my statement is not a matter of the highest priority.

I didn’t want to expect the return of the girl sitting on the couch near the Cabinet of the top leaders of the Svyaznoy. I imagined passing to my working place, Karen Alekseevich Khachiyan sees me and asks about my idle pastime. And after learning that vileness of his beloved officer Eugene may be known to some of the people, not under his jurisdiction, may work so that the statement does not come to the General Director, and my problem was left without giving me the solution. In addition, famous for his cunning Karen Alekseevich could try to persuade me to give him all the documents. Thanks god I was clever enough, to do so that any pressure on me not lead to the deterioration of my position. All the documents were in a Bank safe, the only key to which I gave to a lawyer. I put a statement to the Director in the time, when I can't be fired - during the holidays.

So I put two copies of the application on the table and walked out of the office building. What could I do in the near future in this area? I had something to do.

The first thing I went to the tax office. It was necessary to get information on tax deductions. Then I sat in the cafe.

Then, as you have already guessed, I went into the lair of the Svyaznoy again to pick up from the captivity of the second copy of the application with the stamp of acceptance from the captivity. Otherwise I might get fired from the Svyaznoy on Monday, and I would not succeed in court to tie my dismissal to the application.

I once again came to the Secretary of Dennis.

- I can’t give you the second copy of the application, - said the girl.

- ???

- I don't have it.

- You give to Dennis one copy, and where is the second one?

- One copy is with Karen, the other one is in the personnel Department.

- And did Dennis see my application?

- No, he left, will be in the end of next week.

- Okay, but can You give me some confirmation that I have filed this application?

- I can't, but don't worry, all are in the course of your application and they all are going nuts. Karen, and personnel Department.

Деннис Лудковски: - Извини, брат, я уехал.

Деннис Лудковски: - Извини, брат, я уехал.

I said goodbye and went to the Elevator, and thought to myself: «my message got to the Department of Popova, the signature of which is on one of the contracts of employment, and to Karen which that even dying will bail out Sizova»

I came to the Elevator, I heard a soft female voice of one of the secretaries:

- Now, this is he.

- This? - said a soft male voice.

- Yeah, in the black.

With peripheral vision I saw someone running took off the upper clothes from hangers begind the reception. At this point I already went to the Elevator with the old well-dressed man, who, apparently, had just talked with someone from the company's management.

I was about to press the third floor, as a bald man ran in the Elevator ran. It was the head of one of the groups of the security Service of the Svyaznoy, which looks after the work of programmers. also in 2008, he played football in Cherkizovo. There for the employees the Svyaznoy rented a football field once a week.

- Can I go with you? - he asked

- Of course, - I replied.

- Which floor? - he asked.

- The first, - replied the old man.

- And I'm the to first one, - the man said and pushed the first floor.

I just pushed on the third. Went out. Seeing that the bald man follows me on the third floor, I jokingly said to him:

- This is not the first floor, and the third. You went out on the wrong floor.

- I changed my mind and decided to go out with you.

Cool, I am being followed now, - I thought. I went out of office building and down into the metro.


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