The road to the Tsaritsino radio market.


We were puzzled over the question whot these people want from us. Our first thought is to kill, but she instantly dispelled, because the murder did not make any sense. We did not have any documents, with which you can apply to the Prosecutor's office, courts, the police and labour inspection.

The next version was kidnapping with the purpose of torture and seizure of documents. This idea stayed for a bit longer period of time, but I remembered that was the reason for the criminal prosecution of Evgeny Chichvarkin, and this idea was also rejected.

I came to the conclusion, that, most likely, they need documents, about which I had mentioned earlier. A variant of theft of documents I had anticipated, so for the month prior to the events described above prudently rented a safe-Deposit box, where I stored the originals. But there was one important document, which I had received recently, and from which I made copies this morning - notarially certified copies of internal communication.

I Kept this document in our apartment. I told Ksyusha that may be, «the unidentified hooligans» would beat me, and then Eugene Sizov politely ask me to bring documents. With this I spooked Ksusha. I felt, frankly, not at ease.

But it was necessary to decide something. I realized that my location was traced by the security service from the office to the pizza place, and, as the people are not poor, they are likely to have already begun to be listening to my phone. And as long as they need documents, they will not rest until they get them, or until they are satisfied that I do not them already.

The most reasonable idea seemed to me to hand over these documents to the advocate. But I feared going back to the apartment, take the envelope and meet with my lawyer, because these guys were on my tail, and flapped behind me, while I was absorbed in his thoughts, went with my wife to the metro station Kantemirovskaya. The exit was one - to send someone from the friends of the keys of the apartment together with further guidance. Best friend was my lawyer Vadim Eduardovich.


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